Exclusive Distributor of Ashcroft and Yamari Products

Duta Firza established in 1979 as process control and instrumentation service and equipment providers in Cilacap, Central Java, where Pertamina new refineries built and operated.


For six years the company only serves refinery in Cilacap, in cooperation with a number of instruments used by manufacturers of equipment at the plant.


In 1985, the was appointed as a representative Duta Firza Masoneilan Control Valve for Indonesia. By that time Masoneilan population in Pertamina Refineries reached 90%.


Since then we have been dealing with and representing several world-class manufacturer of industrial instrumentation and mechanical equipment. At the beginning of this decade Duta Firza expand activities into the EPC contractor.


Winning a first contract that is relatively large in 1993, namely to build a transit terminal in Bali Labuhan Amuk fuel, which was then renamed Terminal Transit Manggis.


In 2010, Duta Firza as Exclusive Distributor Ashcroft Products Pressure and Temperature Gauges, well established and respected company in the Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia.


Showing consistently outstanding performance by winning high profile government tenders in the past decades. This organization is poised for further aggressive exponential growth.


We believe that every organization has unique needs and requirements. What they found in the market.


Efficiency Key to Success is productivity. We believe that working hard is not enough, we must work smarter. That is why we believe the product is not the only factor for success, we should Efficient.


Understand the organization's goals are the basis for our solution. No matter how good you are, there's no way you can produce good solutions without knowing the goals and objectives.


We emphasize on quality and cost effective for our solutions. Quality is our main focus, the effective cost factor is what is promised, Added Value is what differentiates our solutions to other providers.


Only the best for our customers. We will maintain long term relationships by providing the best solutions for our clients.


In 2014, Duta Firza as Distributor Yamari Products Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) and Tungsten Rhenium Thermocouple in Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia.

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